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Hello everyone, My name is Franco. I am java developer from Venezuelan. Living in Ireland. I started as a software developer working in databases and c/c++. I am designing projects from 2 years ago. i have already change the years because i believe i need more experience. However I can handle a project from the Templates Design, Mobile development Backend development. I love programming and implement it with software mehtodologies like scrum. My last projects have been delivering products, scripts and API for companies described below.

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Professional Skills

Adobe Photoshop
Javascript(JQuery and AngularJS)

Personal Skills

Team Work

Work Experience

Software Developer

Feb 2015 to Present In this role I got experience doing a website using bootstrap, php, Java EE, Angular JS and Mysql. Also it comes integrated with an app on android where we call by RESTfull web services all the list of the music on the server. The result was a project what permit listening to music by streaming live from radio stations in Ireland. The next step is create a group of chats and conversations between the customers with the goal of connecting them with the music.

WebDesigner and Mobile App Developer @PRINTBOX.IE

April 2014 to August 2014

In this position I acquired valuable knowledge about computer maintenance, testing software development on the server, and problem solving for company database development. It works to detecting problems as soon as possible.

Android Developer

March 2014 to April 2014

In this role I was working as part of a team and was responsible for developing an application for Android platforms that played videos where we panned the UI, and defined as first step all the requirements functional and no functional for starting the project.

Software Developer @SIDOR C.A

April 2012 and April 2013 / September 2012

I worked on a project which involved developing an intelligent system which was required to improve the process for SIDORs methods in mineral seeking. The methods provided them options for improvement in suitability of finding the different variables. The result of the project gave the company new options for finding specific high quality ores for mining. Click to the link below here to watch the presentation. Link Herer


MSc in Computing Science @Griffith College (1 academy years)

Oct 2015-Present

The program of my Master is handle the standard study of algorithms, programming on Java SE as EE and New Techniques as Text Processing, Mobile App Development, Cloud computing. It gives the expertise to handle any kind of area of the IT development.

Software Engineer @UCAB (5 academy years)

Degree Oct 2013

The program of my University handle the standard study of algorithms, programming on Java and Development of Data Base. Through this i got the knowledge of the development prototype of companies, where it involves the study of the business logic, choosing the best methodologies and working as a team to delivery success products.

Cisco Certified Network Associate @CCNA

Graduation 2013

Although i am not implemented the full knowledge of the main class that i am still have the main idea and programming by prompt, using packet tracer as software. Also through during this course i got the knowledge of the networking techniques used for the development of network programms as security that shoube take care before put a product on production

English Course@Dorset College Ireland

Graduation 2014

Through this course i got the basis english. Thanks so much Dorset!. =D


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